Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manly Monthlys - May

 JT is a bit of an exhibitionist and decided to finish off his Spring cleaning with a hose down of his own. Don't worry JT, the neighbors ARE watching...

I'll have to admit, this one took a bit longer than I anticipated, mostly due to other freelance and the fact that I haven't rendered water or anything wet in quite some time. I do like his face better in the sketch but overall I'm happy with the final results. Now to quickly get to June's Daddy pinup!


  1. I love this pose. Have posed this way on several occasions. It is so fuckin erotic. You definitely capture your subjects in ways that give your fans a raging hard-on. WOOF

    1. Hey! Sorry for such a late reply, I didn't see this until now. Thanks for the love man!