Thursday, May 24, 2012

Manly Monthlys - May

 JT is a bit of an exhibitionist and decided to finish off his Spring cleaning with a hose down of his own. Don't worry JT, the neighbors ARE watching...

I'll have to admit, this one took a bit longer than I anticipated, mostly due to other freelance and the fact that I haven't rendered water or anything wet in quite some time. I do like his face better in the sketch but overall I'm happy with the final results. Now to quickly get to June's Daddy pinup!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Soul Calibur 5's Custom Cock Creations

 For all those of you who are "gaymers", how many countless titles have you witnessed female characters with barely there, vag strangling leotards, massively exaggerated breasts barely held in by a spaghetti strap, and customizable options to make them the size of mutant watermelons with "bounce" effects all while their male counterparts pale in comparison? Well get a load of what you can do in Soul Calibur 5!... I may considering buying it(when the price drops significantly)

 Now I know the market is predominantly straight male adolescents so I know why all the TnA exists, and don't get me wrong, I'm all for busty ladies but I've always wished male "bulge" and butt mechanics were factored in more often. I'm not saying it has to be ridiculous, but if you're gonna put in DD's on the woman, don't completely ignore male anatomy and make all their crotches flat...Namco I'm talking to you!

If you're wondering how to create these check out the respective article links for the bulge and massive dong instructions! Enjoy pervs!!!