Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hulk Commission!

Erotic Figure Drawing - Gabriel 12/2018

Recent drawings with one of my favs ❤️ @sloppi_chulo! Part 2. 
I forgot neon colors don’t scan very all so forgive the quality.

Merry Christmas you sexy bitches!

Fab Verse Design Contest

Debuting my OC(original character) Au-Ra for @beefcakeboss Fab Force Heroes & Allies Contest! I’ve been watching the “Fabverse” grow for awhile now and happy I was finally able to participate! Au-Ra even has his own team now featuring characters created by other gay artists! Go Dom-Minators!💪🏾 

No Shave November

#NoShaveNovember - I’ve always liked how beards/facial hair/hair in general can drastically alter and enhance ones appearance, so after seeing a number of my followers participating in #NoShaveNovember I got inspired. 

Stan Lee Tribute

I took a moment for social media to calm before posting about Stan Lee’s passing last week. Even though my work tends to lean towards the erotic, there’s no denying that I have and continue to be heavily influenced by comic books, particularly Marvel. May you rest in paradise. You made an impact. You left a legacy. 

Dia De Los Muertos

Observed on Oct.31 - Nov. 2, Dia De los Muertos or “Day of the Dead is celebrated by those of Mexican heritage, particularly those from the central and southern regions of the country.  Not to be confused with Halloween, it has nothing to do with monsters and goblins but rather a celebration of friends and family who have passed on and to help guide them on their spiritual journey.
Who says you can’t learn something while looking at sexy art! Hope you enjoy my erotic spin on the holiday!

Erotic Figure Drawing - Donnie 10/2018

Welcome Back Blogger, for now

In the wake of Tumblr's adult content ban I suppose I'll share my work here again until I figure out a more permanent website of my own.

NSFW content I'll post here and on twitter. Safe for work content will go to my InstaGram & Facebook fan page.

Sunday, August 19, 2018


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