Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"HERO WORSHIP" Exhibition Recap!!!

Roughly 2 weeks ago I got to participate in my 4th (I had miscounted on an previous Instagram post) art exhibition with 7 other talents in the homo-erotic art world including Belasco, Patrick Fillion, Rob Clarke, & Anthony Gonzalez (DAMMIT get a website ANTHONY!!!!) to name a few. Opening night was such an amazing turnout, in fact it was so packed that we barely had time to take pictures! I'm pleased to say that I sold a considerable amount of work (goodbye Ramen noodles!) and humbled to be included in a show with work of artists I've looked up to & admired for years. I was able to meet lots of new interesting people as well as business contacts, one in which I am extremely excited about as I am now working on a sexy new project as a result but more on that later! A special thank you goes to the curator, fellow artist, & friend in the show JC Etheredge for putting this whole thing together in the first place. As I continue along this journey I am reminded to stay humble, work hard, and that theres nothing like being prepared at the right place & right time. Looking forward to the next!

I'll also be posting more of the work I exhibited this month but I am most excited to have expanded into the clothing arena!!! As you can see above I created a special tank top for the show which will be available online VERY SOON but still can be ordered now if you are interested in having one. Just send me an email!


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