Thursday, October 18, 2012

New York Comic Con, A Brief Update

This years Comic Con was a little different for me, the most being that I was at a booth this year sharing my delightfully dirty drawings with the masses. While I didn't get much time to walk the floor, I did manage to capture a few nifty cos-players and other tidbits. Sadly I didn't get to see any Storm cos-players this year, maybe next time.

I'm  confused as to why Bobby and Beast are there twice (montage?) but still excited for whats in store for the X-Men

I could see this on my desk
MMMM nipples!

Mr Freeze!
Sailor Jupiter was my favorite back in the day!



  1. Sweet! My room mate's favorite hero is Storm, he has the white variant (my favorite is Rogue, and she's right next to his Storm lol). And Sailor Moon was my favorite in the anime, Chibimoon in the manga. I LOVED that series, have you heard that they're making a new anime that will be coming out next year?

    1. Love her, especially in here original costume from the 70s and mohawk storm. New Sailor Moon? ...Googling lol

    2. yessir! I can't wait!! No pictures or plot have been released yet, so I'm not sure if it'll be a reboot, or a continuation...

      It's funny about our favorites, because he always wants to cosplay as (male) Storm, but he's white lol. And I always want to cosplay as (male) Rogue, but I'm blatino, so we just switch characters to appease both lol.